Don HO - 2005-08-28

Notepad++ 3.2 Release Candidate is available here : 

The official release will be distributed in 48 hours on SourceForge If there's no serious bug found. 

Here's the change log : 

1. Change the behaviour for nativeLang.xml : nativeLang.xml which in the application directoy will be loaded as the absence of %AppData%\Notepad++\nativeLang.xml.
2. Support XP visual style.
3. Fix replace all + direction up bug.
4. Fix the bug that scrolls down one line as launching Notepad++ to open a file (double click).
5. Fix the view shift bug while swiching back (finally!!!).
6. Fix the bug of failing to open the files (by using context menu or double click) with some "special" file names.
7. Add "open the last session's files" feature (optional).
8. Support the project file (save session and load session)
9. Fix the memory leak problem (Yes!).
10. Change the interface of Styler Configurator.
11. Fix the bug that open muli-instance of Notepad++ while opening several files at the first launch.
12. The extensions of User Defined Languages can override the ones of supported languages now.