stumped on CTRL + F with clipboard data

  • nute

    nute - 2005-07-28

    It wants to crash every time there is clipboard data .

    And Im sure it is text...

    I am suprised noone has posted this bug!

    I even got a new install to test it out on, I fixed it by rolling back to version 2.3  !!

    so, inbetween somewhere, there was a change in the code

    and every time I open search or replace with:

    * a word highligted in npp
    * some standard text copied from text file
    ** I also pasted into the npp editor to see if it was
    a problematic string..

    I dont understand why I cannot use the newer versions without having this problem...

    I tried installer and zip binaries


    • Paulius

      Paulius - 2005-07-28

      i work a lot with npp on Windows XP SP2 (at home) and Windows NT 4.0 SP6a (at work) and i never had this problem. In fact, searching for text in the source files is one of the most common operations i perform. Most of the time i do have the search string hihlighted in npp or i copy paste it from somewhere else (like a web page - IE or FF).

      From the screenshots i assume you have Windows XP.
      Are you sure you're not using some sort of third party clipboard enhancers or something like that? Maybe some other software is messing with other programs and their windows?

    • nute

      nute - 2005-07-28