How to replace a character with a line break?

  • kisazeky

    kisazeky - 2009-05-01

    Hi, how do I replace a character with a line break using the Replace tool?

    For instance if I have a list of

    apples, oranges, peaches

    I want to make the , into a line break so it looks like



    • cchris

      cchris - 2009-05-02

      I don't think so, it works fine in Unicode. You may have chosen not to install plugins when you installed.

      To add to the comments on where to find answers before posting: there is also a wiki, which you can access from N++ using ? -> FAQ/Wiki.

      Actually there is another wiki, supplied by SF, but this is work in progress at the moment.


    • Fool4UAnyway

      Fool4UAnyway - 2009-05-01

      First, let me know, where did you look to find an answer?

      Did you examine the Ctrl+F Find dialog in detail?

      Do you know about the other Find dialog?

      Did you search these forums to find an answer to your question?

      The most simple SOLUTION is this:

      Press Ctrl+Home to move to the top of the document.

      Press Ctrl+R to open the Text FX advanced Find/Replace dialog.

      In the Find field, enter the characters(tring) you want to replace, in your case ", ".

      In the Replace field, enter your linebreak by pressing Ctrl+Enter.

      Find and replace all occurrences.

      • kisazeky

        kisazeky - 2009-05-02


        This "Advanced" find and replace option was not available to me because I had Unicode Notepad++

        Now I have it with ANSI Notepad++