fragments of code - library

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hello all

    I really like using Notepad++, but I'd love it if I could have one more thing.
    I just recently discovered auto-completion, so maybe this is somewhere and I just didn't found it yet.

    Most of my work is writing PHP scripts. I often use same code many times, for example: doctype+header of html document, connecting to mysql database... etc.
    Now I have to copy this lines from previously created files.
    Is there any way to create some kind of library with those fragments of code, and then paste it in new file with few simple clicks?

    • bst

      bst - 2006-01-28

      Have a look at this article:

      You can store random keywords for your code snippets. Alas, without some tricks (*) it's only single-lined code snippets.


      (*) this would be using a special character (like pipe symbol) as a marker in your code snippet and do a search and replace for this character after inserting the snippet. maybe this can be made faster with using a macro. Haven't tried.