Using NP++ as editor for Watcom (open Watcom)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi there,
    Does anybody of you work with the Watcom C++ compiler (aka Open Watcom)?
    I would like to use NP++ as Editor for Watcom and I have managed so far to make it open sourcefiles with NP++
    the watcom is using 3 macros wich can be given to alternative editors (%f = file, %r = row, %c = col). the %f is no problem with NP++ but I have not figured out how to make NP++ "understand" the %r and %c macro. This is needed to make the cursor in NP++ jump to a certain linenumber (e.g. by clicking error message in Watcom).
    I have not Idea if this is a win-, a watcom- or a NP++ Issue.
    Maybe somebody can give me a hint, thanks for that in advance.


    • Don HO

      Don HO - 2005-06-28

      notepad++ -n%r %f

      %c (col) is not supported.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      You are the best!! I guess I will not lose time and donate for NP++
      Thanks for your support.