INSERT/OVERWRITE not working V6.1.2

  • kommand33

    kommand33 - 2012-05-23

    Version 6.1.2 Unicode. O/S: Windows XP SP3.

    The Insert key was working fine until this version. Now on pressing "INS" key instead of toggling "INS/OVR" all the text before the cursor is selected. Also if the only letter on the line is "g" and I press INS, the letter gets converted to "GOTO ;"

    I checked the "settings->shortcut mapper-> scintilla commands" and item 19 "SCI_EDITTOGGLEOVERTYPE" is correctly mapped to "INS" key.
    Can anyone help?

  • cchris

    cchris - 2012-05-27

    Something else, presumably a plugin, is using the Inset key for something, presumably autocompletion. Please check whether the Insert key appears under other categories of shortcuts.
    If this fails, try removing all plugins by renaming the plugin folder, ie to "lugins". If problem persists, please submit a bug report. I it does not, then some plugin is at work and did not report its using the Insert key - I'd look at Python/JS based plugins suspiciously.


  • sirjis

    sirjis - 2012-10-19

    I had the same problem.  Removing the plugin NppCCompletionPlugin.dll fixed it.


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