Redefine Tab Key?

  • Steve Weixel

    Steve Weixel - 2004-03-18

    Is it possible to redefine the tab key to insert 4 (or any other user specified number) spaces instead of inserting a tab symbol?  I'm using version 1.8.

    • yorn

      yorn - 2004-03-19

      I met the same problem,and I also want that it can transform tabs to spaces.

    • Don HO

      Don HO - 2004-03-19

      OK, there will be 2 features to add in the future release :
      1. user can define the size of tab key (or the number of space by a tab key stroke)
      2. transform tabs to spaces

    • Arnaldo Guzman

      Arnaldo Guzman - 2004-03-20

      yes defining the size of tabs is much needed. :)

      I can't wait until it's implemented.

    • Brandon Whaley

      Brandon Whaley - 2004-03-30

      oh, I can't wait for tabs to be resizeable, this'll be my only editor then.  Another idea, how about automatic indents, such as indent in after a '{' and out before a '}'.  If this editor could do that, I would need nothing more.