Linux port for Notepad++

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Anyone have tried to port NPP on linux?(Suse 10.1)
    if anyone got success please let me know the procedure for that. :)
    This is a great to have software on Linux.


    • spamfreefinally

      spamfreefinally - 2007-10-23

      you might check out this page:
      good luck

    • Don HO

      Don HO - 2007-10-16

      Use the winelib to make Notepad++ native under linux is the best compromise IMO.
      If someone has the experience/tutorial, please let me know.


    • Nobody/Anonymous


      I have once tried to build the source code for NPP on linux.... but the problem is the source code has some dependencies on windows platform... which i am unable to resolve. And the platform specific header files are also used so having trouble with the build. :(

      Any solution for this?

      • Don HO

        Don HO - 2007-10-17

        Did you try to build it with winelib?


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      No... but could you please guide me through the steps I need to follow for build it with wine lib?

    • pjkaus

      pjkaus - 2007-10-19

      NPP is a windows program and relies on the platform SDK. There is no point in trying to compile on linux. Porting to Linix would require rewriting the whole user interface and this clearly is a huge task. Wine is a windows emulator which runs under linux. Its purpse is to rune native windows programs under linux. If NPP runs under wine there will be no need to recompile, the native windows compile would work. It is simply a mater of runing wine with npp. This question would be better asked on a wine forum where there will be the expertise in wine use to help you.

  • LordDelta

    LordDelta - 2013-05-19

    Not true. It is possible to port these programs, it is just a lot of work. The interface might not work exactly the same, but thanks to wine most of these will (with enough coaxing) build and run on linux.

    I already posted in another thread, but I'm posting here as well in case anyone want to help me work on this.


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