Language list doesn't fit on monitor - v3.4

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    The Language selection list does not fit on my monitor.  My laptop monitor resolution is 800x600.

    The last language I see is TeX, but I am sure there are more languages which I cannot see.

    I think this list needs to have a scroll option, similar to the scroll option in the Windows Start menus.

    A better solution would be to be able to edit this list so that I could remove the languages I never use.  There aren't too many people who need to see and use all the languages in this list.

    • bst

      bst - 2006-01-18

      I second this. Even on 1024x768 the list only bareley fits on the screen. Add two or three user defined languages - bang. A configuration option to sort out some of the languages would be great.

      Next pity is the user defined language dialogue, which doesn't fit on 1024x768 either. Only solution is docking mode (works well; "dock" button is at least partly visible on top of screen), but closing the dialogoue requires you to undock, press Alt-Space (to open system menu) and then Alt-F4 (since the menu bar of this dialogue is not visible at this screen resolution).

      IMHO a solution for this would be to make docking mode default and add a button to close the dialogue even in docking mode.

      Thanks in advance


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