executing macro automatically

  • ciccio pasticcio

    Hi guys,
    I'm looking for a way to execute a macro when notepad++  start up.

    I know that is possible to run np++ from a command line as from F.A.Q. :

    "notepad++   -n150   E:\notepad++\PowerEditor\src\Notepad_plus.cpp"

    may i pass other argument in the command line (the number of the macro)?

    The aim is opening a file, making some operation on it, saving and closing all.

    Any suggestions?

    • Airdrik

      Airdrik - 2008-10-30

      Here seems like a case where command-line tools and scripting languages shine, since they don't require the starting up of a graphical interface to do at least as well the job you are having NP++ do. 

      As for specifying a macro to execute on startup, I have no idea.  Looking at the available command-line arguments, it is not possible. 
      Perhaps a plugin could be made to automatically execute a script or a macro on documents that are opened (with an easy way of turning on/off the plugin), if such doesn't already exist. 

      • ciccio pasticcio

        Ultraedit do the Job, if you call it from a command line specifying the macro to execute :-(

        Hope it can be implemented in NP++ too in next releases


  • evinben

    evinben - 2011-09-02

    do you know how to run automatically a macro every time by opening a batch-File (.bat)?

    I need to change fist to Language “MS-DOS-Style” and after that back to Language “Batch” to edit correct a batch file.

    Thanks in advance for your help

  • cchris

    cchris - 2011-09-02

    Is the bat extension associated to the MSDOS ini style language? If not, that's how to do the job. Do the binding on Settings -> tyler Configurator. Also try checking whether bat is already bound to some other language.
    You can do both by editing langs.xml and searching whether "bat" is an extension already mapped.



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