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John T
  • John T

    John T - 2005-11-29

    First, let me say this app rocks.  I have enjoyed the editor for the last year and have stopped using my kix editor. 

    I have NLited my WinXP install to remove items like the tour and oem load it.  I have disabled SFC and many other items.  What I'd like to do is completely replace notepad as this is a step I do with every rebuild of my 4 machines (2 are monthly rebuiilds for other reasons).

    So if I add the Notepad++ files to my $OEM$ path, is there any base registry enties I would need to provide during/just after my windows install to make NPP work as I am used to?


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks,  I added the NPP install file to the CD and after several attmpts I found this needed to run form the [GuiRunOnce] section in winnt.sif.  I also have the plugins and notepad replacement files installed from the %oem$ folders.

      Thanks all.....  This works perfectly.

    • John T

      John T - 2005-11-30

      OK perhaps this needs clarification.

      I have removed notepad completely from my XP install.  I have used the .zip contents and added this to my CD using the $OEM$ options.  I have also included the notepad replacement executable in all proper places.  I have verified the proper files are in proper locations. 

      What I don't have are the file associations the installer provides along with what ever else the installer adds to the registry. 

      So if one were to do this what else do I need to pre-pend to my config?

      FYI when I try to open any files I get a cannot find "" dialog box.  Thi smay come up once or several times.  I do find by opening in read-only mode I don't get the dialog.

      • Paulius

        Paulius - 2005-11-30

        Note #1: Notepad++ uses NSIS for setup program.
        Note #2: NSIS generated installers can take command line arguments.

        So, Why dont you just add the Notepad++ installer to your CDs, and then specify a command to run on first boot of Windows. The command line should be something like this:
        npp.3.3.installer.exe /S "/D=C:\Program Files\Notepad++"

        So that way, you will get Notepad++ properly installed with each setup of Windows.

        Or am i wrong about this?

    • John T

      John T - 2005-11-30

      That could work too, I just figured it would have been easier this way.  I wasn't expecting such windows integration, damm that uncle bill.:)

      I will have to try this and see how it works.  I wasn't aware NPP had command line arguments fo the install.  I must not have read that yet.  Thanks...