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NP crashes with missing network drive

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    All of the files I work on with NP are on a network drive, and I have NP remember the session every time it closes. Problem is, when I start NP up again, and the network drive isn't there, it crashes. If I turn on the network drive, NP loads with the session perfectly in place. This happens consistantly.

    Now, I'm not asking for a solution as I love this error, it saves me from having to reload all the files if I start up NP while forgetting to turn on the network drive too. I'm just reporting it here as I'm not really sure where else to report bugs.


    • Don HO

      Don HO - 2008-03-05

      I just tested with network drives.
      It doesn't crash if my network drive is disconnected (from explorer) and I had a file in this drive opened in the previous session.

      Could you give more detail of your configuration (ie. did you mount this drive in Explorer, which os you use on both machine, etc), so that I can reproduce the bug.


      • Nobody/Anonymous

        I run Windows XP on this machine, and the network drive is created by a program called "SftpDrive". It (you guessed it) turns SFTP into a network drive that can be seen through explorer. The server on the other end is a VPS running Gentoo Linux. If the network drive is off, it all-out disappears, and it's letter is avialable to any other new drive.

        Hope that helps


  • ADTC

    ADTC - 2014-02-10

    I'm having a similar problem.. It's a real SHOWSTOPPER as Notepad++ hangs completely.

    I have a network drive setup in My Computer under a drive letter. I opened a text file from the network drive in Notepad++. I had the tab open for quite a while, but no changes were made (the tab icon was blue).

    The server of the network drive then went offline. If I try to access the network drive, Windows will show the green progress bar but I can click the X in the bar to cancel the access.

    However, when I switched to Notepad++, it first asked whether I still want to keep the file opened from the network drive. As I said yes, the tab was kept and the icon turned red (unsaved). But then Notepad++ repeatedly hung as it tried to access the network drive. After a several minutes, Notepad++ became responsive. But when I switch to another application and go back to Notepad++ it hangs AGAIN for several minutes. The only way I could get Notepad++ to respond properly (without having to kill it) was to disconnect my network. If I connected again without closing the tab, it would start to hang again.

    This is very very wrong. The checking of file existence should be a separate background thread that should be killable. It should NOT be done in the UI thread, hanging it. It becomes very difficult/impossible to use Notepad++ when it behaves so.

    Last edit: ADTC 2014-02-10
  • cchris

    cchris - 2014-02-16

    1/ Does this happen when no plugin is loaded? Try renaming "plugins" to "lugins" and test again. The (Light) Explorer plugins are both known to misbehave.

    2/ What is your external change setting on N++? Does disabling the notification of external changes make a difference?