Aspell files - en.pws , en.prepl

  • Mark2012

    Mark2012 - 2011-11-09

    There was a problem with the windows install of the English dictionary for Aspell and the install of NotePad++ which includes the Spell check plugin. The files "en.pws" and "en.prepl" are missing from the Aspell Directory.

    I have no idea why the developers failed to provide this simple solution for windows, but here is a simple fix.

       1. Go to the directory of "Aspell", which should have been installed as a sub-directory of NotePad++.
       2. Right click in the main Aspell directory, choose "New" then choose "text document".
       3. Rename the new text document as "en.pws" (without quotes) removing the "txt" extension, press enter key.
       4.Repeat, make another new text document and rename it to "en.prepl".
       5. Open up en.pws in NotePad++
       6. Copy and paste the following into en.pws, exactly as below;

    personal_ws-1.1 en 2

    (Note: the µÄ symbols are below the first line of "personal_ws-1.1 en 2")

        7. Go to the Menu in NotePad++, click "Encoding" and make sure that "Encoding ANSI" is chosen (Dot beside it).
        8. Save file and close file.
        9. Open the en.prepl file in NotePad++ 10.Copy and paste the following into that file;

    personal_repl-1.1 en 0

       10.Same, make sure the "Encode ANSI" is chosen.
        11.Save and close file.

    (Note: you must close each file before using NotePad++ Spell Checker and "learn" button. Else it corrupts the file and you have to redo it.)

    NotePad++ will now work and you can save words to the ".pws" file.

  • sheabunge

    sheabunge - 2013-02-03

    Thanks for this. It helped me to fix the same issue on my computer.