Current line displayed in the title bar

  • PsychoMessiah

    PsychoMessiah - 2005-12-23

    I've a problem with n++3.3 : The current line is displayed in the title bar, and in the taskbar button, in place of "Notepad++ - filename". Very ugly.

    Thanks for help !!

    • Chris Severance

      Chris Severance - 2005-12-25

      >You can simply deactivate it natively,

      It defaults off. I think people turn it on and don't see immediately what it does, then forget about it. Sometime later, they start seeing the title bar change at odd times and its been too long to associate it with a recently turned on faraway option.

      >for the ones who like this feature

      I've made it a compile time feature. Those that want it can download the source and compile with that turned on. Then noone can feign innocence when it gets turned on!

      I built it and never used it. I thought it would be a neat idea but it just wasn't.

    • Chris Severance

      Chris Severance - 2005-12-23

      Turn off Plugins | TextFX Settings | +Autoshow line matching brace. It displays the matching line each time you sit next to a }.

      It looks like I'll need to take this out. Since I've fixed Ctrl+B find matching brace, this feature is much less important and it just confuses people.

    • PsychoMessiah

      PsychoMessiah - 2005-12-25

      Thank you Severach !
      Your plugin is very useful, but it's true that this feature confuses people. You can simply deactivate it natively, for the ones who like this feature.

      PS : My english isn't perfect, I try to write best that I can, so be tolerating :-)