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Run (F5) does not work in v3.4

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    The Run (F5) feature does not work in v3.4.  It used to work in v3.2 (I did not use v3.3, so I don't know if it was working there).

    The menus are there, but the specified program does not execute.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Correction:  I just tried it again, and it does work.  However it only works when the name of the exe is specified exluding the full path.  When I use the browse button (...), next to the program name entry field, to locate the program, it inserts the full path and program name.  This does not "run".

      For example "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\Iexplore.exe"  does not work.
      "Iexlore" works.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      More info.  This is very strange behaviour.
      Here is what I have to do to make it work in the "program files" directories:
      1. Enter the full path name using browse (...) button.
      2. enter the program name exluding the full path.
      This only works for the current session.  Subsequent sessions I have to repeat the process.