Clickable URLs don't work

  • johannmon

    johannmon - 2014-01-01

    I'm using the latest Notepad++ version (when I select to update under the pulldown it tells me I'm using the latest one). I can't get clickable URLs to work and never have been able to do so in the year I've been using this product. The URLs show up underlined but I've tried double-clicking, single-clicking, ctrl and alt single/double clicking... none of it works. None of the URLs under ? pulldown such as Forum work either. Using Win7 and URLs work in other applications including my browsers, so there's something specific to this app.

    I've installed this app on another computer and it's the same there... clickable links don't work. I can't figure out how to make them work.

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  • cchris

    cchris - 2014-01-04

    Please I can confirm this on several versions of N++, as early as 6.4.2. Please post a bug report ticket.

    CChrispost a bug report.

  • cchris

    cchris - 2014-02-06

    I closed the ticket you opened. For those having the same issue, the problem lies in slightly incorrect installation of Firefox, and possibly Google Chrome on Windows 8.1 (perhaps on vanilla 8 as well). You can tell this by checking that the HTTP(S) protocol is not registered properly with Firefox as the defult handler. On my system, setting Safari as dfault browsr was making the issue disappear.

    An easy fix is to uninstall Firefox (do not delete your personal files) and reinstall it right away, making it the default browser. Fix works without a reboot.