Upgrading NP loses user preferences

  • Brittney Smith

    Brittney Smith - 2011-10-05

    I think problem of upgrading to new version over top of old Notepad & losing user preferences / configuration has existed a while?

    I did BU the entire NP folder under (win) Users\usename\appdata\roaming\notepad++\, before running 5.9.3 installer - into same folder as prev. ver
    Not sure if restoring all the backed up files to replace all new files in NP AppData folder, created by ver 5.9.3 would be advisable (certain new ones might be required ?), or if should just replace a few files (which ones)?

    Most of my customization has to do w/ display, colors for searches, etc.  None to do w/ actual coding - editing.

    Q - 2:  Haven't found a way to del / clear the search terms listed in drop box under search>Find option.  Except maybe manually del the file containing the search terms (I'd have to determine which file that is & if it contains other data I don't want to del).


  • cchris

    cchris - 2011-10-08

    11/ The problem is that N++ evolves with each version, and sometimes new versions add new features in stylers.xml, or make deeper changes. In such cases, keeping the old file may cause unstable behaviour in N++ - I have seen this happening, but not often. So N++ has to replace the file, or to be much smarter, detect the version of configuration files and manage the transition on its own. Don hasn't gone that route yet, I wish he had. You could do the following:
    a/ before upgrade, save both config.xml, stylers.xml and their .model.xml counterparts
    b/ upgrade
    c/ make a diff of new stylers.model.xml vs old
    d/ restore your old stylers.xml file
    e/ Apply patch output from c/ to that file
    f/ do c/ d/ e/ for the config.xml part

    2/ Near the end of config.xml, you'll find the search list, which you can trim at will.
    Additionally you can vote for http://sourceforge.net/apps/ideatorrent/notepad-plus/ideatorrent/idea/242/


  • Brittney Smith

    Brittney Smith - 2011-10-08

    Thanks cchris, I did vote & added comment about (both) option to retain prefs settings when uninstalling, & also to export / save settings to file - like many apps allow.  Also, means / button to clear search history (that seems like no brainer, to me?)

    Don't know how many search terms NP will retain, but seems to be WHOLE bunch.

    The 1st prob w/ your advice, is I find that if NP prompts to upgrade & I click "no," then there's sometimes no way to upgrade manually - soon after the upgrade was declined.  Can't say that always happens, cause haven't tried it that many times.  When I declined an automated upgrade prompt, then later that day decided to upgrade, going through menu gave some msg like ~ cannot upgrade at this time.

    Someone in idea torrent commented, "just upgrade" instead of uninstall / install (new) ver, to retain user prefs.  But what if NP prgm files get corrupted & forced to uninstall / reinstall?  That advice doesn't work then.

    I follow your instructions - thanks.  While may be workable - what a hassle!

  • cchris

    cchris - 2011-10-11

    I know…
    Checking config.xml near the end, you'll find options to set the size of the search history, so you can always fine tune this. But yes, this is manual editing of xml, and yes you have to do it from a different editor, because N++ overwrites config.xml on normal shutdown. (You can always save config.xml normally and crash N++ from task manager, but I hate the idea).


  • Brittney Smith

    Brittney Smith - 2013-05-26

    As I upgraded to 6.3.3, I thought about your suggestion to save the 4 file, then compare, make a difference, then restore old files & apply differences (new changes in newer file versions).

    I guess because it's freeware, can't look a gift horse in the mouth.
    But I've NEVER seen 4 config files in any apps. Short of the installer just figuring out what default settings the user changed & keeping those after upgrade (like many apps do - if possible), the process would be more palatable if there was only 1 config file to apply the process you described.

    After all, NPP excels at finding differences / replacing values. Couldn't it use its own talents to compare the old config files against new. Keep new changes / additions, but also keep old customizations.

    If there were only 2 settings I changed, that'd be no big deal. But it takes a while to reconfig my settings.

  • Brittney Smith

    Brittney Smith - 2013-05-26

    EDIT: after further inspection, I must have made a mistake. My custom color selections are back to default colors. And the files I backed up from 6.3.1 before installing anything, now match the new 6.3.3 files.

    I've no idea why, but the dates & sizes of the BU config / styler files are exactly the same as new installed files. That suggests I backed them up AFTER installing NPP. Not the way I remember it! I'll admit, I have my senior moments, but not like that!

    The BU folder wasn't in the same NPP installation folder, so unless the installer went crazy & started overwriting any of its files it could find - anywhere (which is remotely possible), then I goofed up.
    End of Edit.

    As an exercise in using file comparison tools, I compared all 8 files - 2 config types & 2 styler types.

    I found the new (installed) config.xml & back up of it were identical. The ONLY way that's possible is the behavior of NPP installer has changed, so it no longer changes settings for selected color schemes back to default.

    I backed up the config.xml before ever extracting the NPP 6.3.3. I wasn't sure about the results, so I installed it again & re compared using WinMerge. Same - both files identical. In the past, upgrading DEFINITELY would change color settings back to default.

    In the stylers.model.xml, there was only one difference:
    "<WordsStyle name="PREPROCESSOR" styleID="2" fgColor="FFFF00" <b="">bgColor="C0C0C0" fontName="" fontStyle="1" fontSize="" />"

    Where the background color was different. I doubt this makes much difference, but out of the hundreds of other lines / values, many of which I have NO idea what they are, how would one know to go w/ the new value or replace it w/ old value? If you don't know what it is or does, no way to make an educated decision.

    Last edit: Brittney Smith 2013-05-26
  • Brittney Smith

    Brittney Smith - 2013-05-26

    If NPP isn't going to be changed so it can upgrade w/o overwriting all custom settings, then it should have something like an option to export / restore settings, or some means to preserve / restore user prefs w/o jumping through hoops.


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