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'File Status Auto-Detection' not working

  • Cleber Baldan Junior


    I´m using N++ 6.4.2 (UNICODE) on Windows7 x64, and I'm trying to use it to
    monitor a log file.
    I have all 3 options enabled under 'File Status Auto-Detection' in Setting


    This is the scenario:
    I have a PuTTy console session logging all session output to a local.log
    text file, and PuTTY is configured to 'flush log frequently', so, the
    local.log is updated very frequently.
    The local.log file is open in N++, but the console output is not displayed,
    even when there are lots of data updated.
    Once PuTTy is closed, N++ updates right away.

    I made some testing and I found that PuTTy holds the file handler of
    local.log file - Windows won't let you delete the file while PuTTy is
    So, I suspect that N++ only detects file updates if the open/monitored file
    is not 'handled' by any other process.

    Am I correct? Is there a workaround for this?


  • cchris

    cchris - 2013-09-22

    N++ only can detect what is going on on the file system. So as lon as the time stamp oes not change, the file is not supposed to change. Depending on how the writing is performed (buffered vs not), this approach is right.

    If there is any workaround, it has to be with the other app, namely PuTTY. N++ cannot mess up with foreign applications.