"Can not start printer document"

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Notepad++ 3.1and 3.2 under Win ME:

    The error message "Can not start printer document" pops up when I press the Ok button the print window after opening the "Print window" via the File menu.

    Printing works properly though, if I open the "Print window" via shortcut <Ctrl-P> !

    This is annoying, but not a major problem.
    Any suggestions ?

    Thanks for the nice tool, by the way.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Version 3.4 under Windows ME has the same problem (did not yet check the ^P solution, thanks for the suggestion)

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Have the same message, but in my case get no printed output. Am running under Windows ME.

        • Nobody/Anonymous

          Additional info on my 2006-01-10 posting. Am running Windows ME, have just moved from NPP 3.3 to NPP 3.4, issue still persists. Am unable to print using any options under NPP. Am able to run NPP under Windows XP and print with no issues. Have downloaded source and identified code module that displays error and exits print routine. In lines 137 through 151 of Printer.cpp, the following code exits:

              //TEXTMETRIC tm ;
              ::GetTextMetrics(_pdlg.hDC, &tm);
              int printMarge = tm.tmHeight + tm.tmExternalLeading;
              printMarge = printMarge + printMarge / 2;

              DOCINFO docInfo;
              docInfo.cbSize = sizeof(DOCINFO);
              docInfo.lpszDocName = pSEView.getCurrentTitle();
              docInfo.lpszOutput = NULL;

              if (::StartDoc(_pdlg.hDC, &docInfo) < 0)
                  MessageBox(NULL, "Can not start printer document.", 0, MB_OK);

          Just have to believe that the "if (::StartDoc(_pdlg.hDC, &docInfo) < 0)" is unable to operate properly under Windows ME, but is OK under Windows XP.

          Would greatly appreciate it if this could be addressed (am not updating OS until new computer, and not doing that until Vista is released).

          Thanks for an otherwise great (and useful) product!

          • Don HO

            Don HO - 2006-02-11

            > Just have to believe that the
            > "if (::StartDoc(_pdlg.hDC, &docInfo) < 0)"
            > is unable to operate properly under Windows ME, but is OK under Windows XP.

            The document from MS for StartDoc function :
            didn't show the incorrect usage of this function.

            Then I have no idea.


          • Nobody/Anonymous

            I have the same problem and believe that it may be because I am trying to print to a network printer. The reason for this is that on my work PC I have had v3.3 and v3.4 installed on Windows XP SP1 (I have had a few more on my home PC with a local printer which has never exhibited this problem on XP SP2) I also have CuteWriter (ghostscript based PDF printer) installed on this PC as a local printer. I can print to the CuteWriter PDF printer but not to any printer on the network.


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