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  • grimmlock

    grimmlock - 2013-04-25

    I was curious if there was a way currently to be notified if I am closing Notepad++ with more than one tab open. I have run across (several times), by accident, I will close Notepad++ with several tabs open and as soon as it closes, I remember I was working on a file and I have forgotten where it was.
    If this is not available could I ask that it be a considered as a feature request, please?



  • Frank Fesevur

    Frank Fesevur - 2013-05-27

    I have tried to create a plug-in that solves this, but it's impossible to solve with a plug-in. The various close-related message don't come through to the plug-in. It has to be done in n++ itself.

    And with 162 open patches for n++ I don't think I want to make any time to see if I can solve this annoying problem in the main code. How big are the changes a patch would make it into the application?

    There is a simple patch from Jan-2011 that does something like this.


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