Find in Files

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Notepad ++ rules, one thing mising so is find in Files. Would be nice to see an extesion of the find dialog so one can choose to search in files

    • Don HO

      Don HO - 2005-03-29

      I'll do it - if it's not in v2.9, it'll be in v3.0 (I'll try).


      • Dave F

        Dave F - 2005-08-30

        could you possibly tweak this?  if i don't select any text and then go to the menu and pick "find in files", it immediately shows the directory and filter box.  i click ok and of course nothing happens.  took me a while to figure out that i need to hit cancel to type in my text first and then click find in files and pick the other parts.  i think it'd be better if it were not a 2 step process, that say the find in files dialog was a separate one (perhaps just based off the other) so you coudl adjust the options, text, filter, etc all at one time.  or at least have it all be one uinform dialog with a separate find in files box or something?

        otherwise love the editor.  this and the PCRE are the last things i was/am waiting for to use this exclusively as my editor  :-)

        • Don HO

          Don HO - 2005-08-31

          You don't need to hit the cancel to type your text to search - you can just change the focus to the find dialog to type the text or choose the options.

          So it's one step process but 2 dialogs since you have all access at once.


          • Nobody/Anonymous

            d'oh!  i thought it was modal.  man how stupid can i be to not even try that stuff to figure it out.  sorry.

            • Nobody/Anonymous

              Yes, but you need to use your mouse to switch between the 2 dialogs. For a key-board shortcut user like me (i guess most programmers (target audience for this tool) are ), it is not so convenient.
              Also cant we have the search results in a different pane on the main window itself (like PS Pad or other editors do.. so that you can switch between your search results and the main editor panes easily (though keyboard shortcuts)

              I think, this the only thing which makes me still use PS-Pad & not jump the boat.