V3.5 - remove of unwanted RUN lines ?

  • jmg_

    jmg_ - 2006-04-03

    I've found that  $(FULL_CURRENT_PATH) is what
    is needed to pass parameters to RUN,
    However, I now have extra trial RUN menu items,
    that I want to remove - how is that done ?
    There seems to be no method to delete/edit
    defined Fx run's ?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Mine is v3.6 and I can remove or modify user defined RUN lines from Settings->Shortcut Mapper... Also it is a little inconvenient.

    • jmg_

      jmg_ - 2006-04-03

      Also found this, once the system saved and
      refreshed the NP++ directory: The RUN info
      is saved into shortcuts.xml, so one can easily
      edit this file, as a workaround to control
      the user RUN options, and BATCH files called.