How to open Filebrowser with other path?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hello everybody,

    every time I open the File Browser in Notepadd++ with "Save As..." it shows me the folder which Notepad++ is installed in. But in most cases I need the desktop as target folder. What I have to do?

    Nice greetings


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi, It is possible to change some var in REGEDIT ?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Yeah, it would be nice if the file browser remembered the last directory.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I am having the same problem, I would like it to open at a place I could set in a property or the open/save in the last place I opened or saved a file.   Anywhere but the app dir.

      If anyone knows how to change this,  I would appreciate it

      Rick F.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I also agree that it would be very helpful to save your last directory.

    • José Rui Abreu Mira

      Yep, that would be a great feature.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I've only been using NP++ for about 20 minutes and this issue struck me like a brick falling out of a plane.
      I don't know how any program could not open and save from the last used directory.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      but it work well, what you said doesn't happen to me.
      It's impossible, I think, because NP++ open file with system FileOpenDlg