The Hobo
  • The Hobo

    The Hobo - 2005-09-29

    Was going to post this as a help topic but finally figured it out

    If I missed it anywhere flame away, but I offer this suggestion, post in the userdefined languages howto page howto add downloaded userdefined languages (for example the VHDL one)

    I can draft up the instructions if you like in bullet form

    • The Hobo

      The Hobo - 2005-09-30

      Here you go, as promised:

      1) Download the user-defined language to your computer
      2) Open the file with your favourite text editor (such as notepad++ or notepad)
      3) Click start, run, type (or paste in) %APPDATA%\Notepad++ then click ok
      4) Open userDefineLang.xml with a text editor
      5) If this is the first userdefined language you are adding, copy/paste the entire first file (which you downloaded) into the userDefineLang.xml, replacing all that was there. If this is the second or more language you add, simply copy everything from the first file starting at <UserLang...> to </UserLang> and paste it at the end of the userDefineLang.xml right before </NotepadPlus>
      6) Save the newly improved userDefineLang.xml

      That's it!


      Also, Xilinx (though they have a REALLY crappy editor) does have this syntax highlighting that highlights std_vector and std_logic_vector (maybe more things), let me know if it's possible to do that for your builtin support, I think it's neat (since std_logic etc are reserved (key) words)

      Here's the screenshot:

      Thanks a lot!


      • Don HO

        Don HO - 2005-10-01

        The instuctions you posted is now in download section :

        Justin, could you send me some VHDL example to test?

        Thank you.


        • The Hobo

          The Hobo - 2005-10-01

          Sure thing, sometime Saturday afternoon I'll grab some code (could be my own or from an example or something, if it isn't mine I can cite the source) and show how the highlighting is in Xilinx too

          There's also UCF syntax colouring, but that's less important (I believe UCF stands for "user constrainsts file", used to map output signals to physical pins on the FPGA)

          • The Hobo

            The Hobo - 2005-10-08

            Sorry for the (weeklong (!)) delay

            Not to pass the buck but nothing I have is as deep as this:

            Though if you want some of my own stuff I can give it to you

    • Don HO

      Don HO - 2005-09-29

      Here's the information :
      "How can I share MY DEFINED LANGUAGE (or my syntax highlighting) with the others?"

      But you're welcom if you want to post the instruction .
      I'll put it on download section.

      BTW, VHDL will be supported (ie. build-in language) by Notepad++ of next version (v3.3)