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code for commands

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    I'm trying to get Notepad++ launch by commands given in Opera and then paste some text from clipboard to Notepad++. I know the Opera-specific command lines for launching other programs, but the paste function requires a Notepad++-specific command in an Opera's INI file.

    Can you give me the Notepad++-specific INI code for "paste"? Is there a documentation available for such things?

    • Don HO

      Don HO - 2005-05-30

      I don't even know what "INI code" is (Maybe you mean the "commad line"? ) . Could you give me more detail? An example may help.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      an example of contents of a few INI files - the basis of Opera's configuration:

      [Document Toolbar.content]
      Button0, "Pyyhi"="Clear disk cache, , , "Pyyhi", "Mail Trash""
      Button3, "[DOM 2]"="Go to page, "javascript:var isXHTML=/html/.test(document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0].nodeName);function createNewEle(ele){if(isXHTML) { return document.createElementNS('', ele); }else{ return document.createElement(ele); };};(function(){var ele=document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(createNewEle('script'));ele.type='text/javascript';ele.src=''})();", , "[DOM 2]", " ""
      Button4, "FF"="Execute program, "firefox.exe", "%u", "FF", "FF""

      [Identify As Menu]
      Item, 52210        = Identify as, 0
      Item, 70478        = Identify as, 1
      ;Item, 52212        = Identify as, 2
      ;Item, 52213        = Identify as, 3
      Item, 70479        = Identify as, 4

      As you can see, it is not a programming language on its own. It's just a way of describing program behaviour in a text file and the text "code" can be implemented any way the program developers wish. However, some standard stuff can be included, like javascript and paths to external programs. These examples include both.

      In case of the external program example (look at FF), the code "%u" means "open the active URL in the external program".

      My specific interest was the paste command. For regular Notepad, the code "/clippaste" works. I can't figure out, what would work as paste for Notepad, when it is described in Opera's INI file to be launched as an external program.