Jonas McGarry - 2012-10-31

…to another program. When I make changes in Notepad++ (NP++) then switch over to the browser to view, or to any other program, then back to Notepad++, NP++does one of three things:

1. About 10% of the time, it refocuses on NP++ without any problem;

2. about 30% of the time, it starting flashing  and it looks like the program is rapidly refocusing on NP++ and then de-focusing on the previously viewed program; or

3. the rest of the time it focuses on NP++ for a few seconds, and returns to the last program viewed (browser, photoshop, etc.).  In very rare case NP++ closes altogether.

I don't have this problem with any other program.  In most cases, I have to re-click on NP++ many times to return to the program.  It happens so frequently, that I've begun looking at other HTML text editors such as Bluefish, but I like NP++ and would like to resolve this problem.

This does not appear to be a browser related issue-it does it on IE, Safari, Opera, Firefox, and Chrome, but also when I use other non-browser software.

I am working in Windows 7.0, on a Sony Vaio PC.  I am also working remotely via a VPN (SonicWall NetExtender) from London, England to Chicago in the U.S. My fellow-coders in Chicago do not have this problem, and I've noticed that NP++ appears to be in constant communication with the host server in Chicago, so I'm wondering if this problem may be related to the VPN connection. I have a broadband through British Telecom. 

Any suggestions, thoughts, recommendations?  Thanks.