Search behavor changed

  • betacommand

    betacommand - 2014-01-12

    I recently updated to the newest release and discovered rather an obnoxious bug in the search and find and replace behavior. Previously if the searched term was not found it would find the end of the document and then start from the top, and continue searching, this does not happen that way.

    In the find and replace similar case happens if the cursor is not at the very top of of the document and I press the replace all button all replacements would happen regardless of the cursor placement. Now only replacements after the cursor happen.

    Both of these bugs break functionality and make it a lot harder to use this great software.

  • Loreia2

    Loreia2 - 2014-01-13


    this is user configurable, just tick "Wrap around" option in find and replace dialog.



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