program fail in it's function

  • q3dm3

    q3dm3 - 2012-11-18


    i have latest verion freshly installed

    imagine situation you want from program to open certain file types automatically with it's language scheme. for example *.js with javascripy scheme ( it is already set, but by just for example)

    program allows to save & apply some changes which works, but it not aplly changes like:
    - color change here: a color style. when you close program and open some file, changes has not applied.
    - same thing with adding filetype association. like I have for javascript: .nip, .dbl, .dbj

    problem were;; you must set program's shortcut: run as administrator.
    but if you do, everytime you will opening associated files, windows will popup that confirmation window. it is pretty uncomfortable.

    my surprise was, when I unticked that run as admin, my changes remained. which is good.

    which is not good, before every new change, you must edit settings in shortcut, make change in program and change it back.

    this problem wasnt in Programmer's Notepad which I were using before.

    Please fix it.

  • q3dm3

    q3dm3 - 2012-11-19

    I have installed Compare plugin. It is working but it's not showing language scheme ( syntax).
    I have tried that Run as admin trick, but it's not working.

    Ideas ?

  • q3dm3

    q3dm3 - 2012-11-24

    how is possible change color of line highlighter ? it is too foggy. it reduces contrast.



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