Open Large Files

  • ClarkJeff

    ClarkJeff - 2008-12-31

    Is there any way to open a 258Mg text file?  Notepad is able to open it, but I'd prefer to use Notepad++.  Thanks

    • Allen Zhu

      Allen Zhu - 2009-01-01

      Isn't it possible to just right click the file and select Edit with Notepad++?


    • Allen Zhu

      Allen Zhu - 2009-01-01

      I don't believe there is a file size limitation with Notepad++, but if there is, Wordpad is faster at opening large files compared to Notepad...

    • ClarkJeff

      ClarkJeff - 2009-01-05

      When I try to open the file (using right mouse or open), it sits there for a moment, then pops up a dialog with "File is too big to be opened by Notepad++".  Clicking ok displays another dialog "ERR: Can not open file "xyz", where xyz is the file path.  Notepad opens it ok though.  I know that I can use Notepad/Wordpad, but I want the Notepad++ features, even with large files.  I'm at version 5.1.3.  Thanks.

      • Sune Marcher

        Sune Marcher - 2009-01-05

        Notepad++ (or rather, the Scintilla edit control which NP++ uses) isn't really made for huge files - this is a topic that has been brought up numerous times. Even when dealing with relatively small files in the multi-megabyte range, editing becomes so slow it's more or less unusable.