Create shorcut to inject command into cms/ConEmu

  • oliveoil

    oliveoil - 2014-06-13

    Hey there,
    I'm using ConEmu as my cmd-Window. I mostly run ipython in it.
    Assuming that ConEmu is open, the tab running ipython is opened and active, I'd love to inject the command

    "%run {FILE_NAME}"

    from notepad++ (via shortcut / run-command (F5)) so that the py-file currently edited is being run in ConEmu.

    Do you know how to send this command INTO the open ipython session within ConEmu?
    Thanks a lot

  • oliveoil

    oliveoil - 2014-06-13

    I figured it out myself using GuiMacro:

    Notepad++ -> Run (F5):

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\ConEmu\ConEmu\ConEmuC.exe" -GuiMacro:0 print("%run '$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)'\n");

    this sends the text

    %run '$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)'

    into ConEmu/Ipython and executes it (Pressing enter). So awesome!

    Last edit: oliveoil 2014-06-13

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