Can't get rid of "gpup" dialogue

  • Ronald

    Ronald - 2013-01-30

    Whenever I start Notepad++, it tells me that some actions are still to be taken with respect to plugins, and if I confirm this, it asks me to run gpup.exe.

    No matter whether I confirm this too or not, the same repeats over and over. I have also tried to re-install Plugin Manager, but it does not help...

    • Dave Brotherstone

      Delete the file called something like gpupactions.xml from your notepad++
      config directory - the settings dialog in plugin manager shows you where
      your config dir is.

      It might be called pluginmanagergpup.xml, I can't get to a pc at the moment
      to check.

      It'd be good if you could send me a copy of the file before you delete it,
      so I can work out what went wrong.