Feature requests - Doc Switcher

  • JoeCHecht

    I use doc switcher windows (a lot) to open large numbers of source files (explorer - right click - open with Notepad++). Some file gets opened in the editor by default, and the focus is set to the doc switcher window (a reasonable assumption I suppose). However, When I open a single file, the focus is set to always set the doc switcher window. Not really what I want... I'm in a hurry, and I want the focus to be set to whatever document gets opened, not the doc switcher window. hmmm...

    Multi-Select in the doc switcher window would be cool. I need to close lots of source files, but keep others opened.

    I'm betting that I should just RTFM in this feature rich (to extreme) wonderful editor, so shoot me in advance if these options are already there. If so, feel free to keel haul me.

    BTW - Awesome job on Np++! I am a Np++ convert, and use it exclusively for just about everything. I have dumped every IDE there is, and am now a command line compile only kinda guy.

    BTW(2) - I am guessing that a WinRT version is a big waist of time (it will fail), but still, I hpe a version becomes available before I am forced to throw away by RT device. Same goes for DROID, Linux, Mac, iOs.... would love to see N++ there!

    Ok, I took the time to input my two cents. Next, to by a NP++ thong!

    Thanks in advance,


    • David Bailey
      David Bailey

      "Same goes for DROID, Linux, Mac, iOs.... would love to see N++ there!"

      I use NP++ on UBUNTU, using Wine. It works well,with minor quibbles:

      1) Running Wine with SUdo causes problems, so if you want to edit one of the operating configuration files, you have to save it elsewhere and use "sudo cp" to copy it back.

      2) The open file box is a bit clunky, but I tend open files from the recent files list wherever possible.

      The plugins that I have used so far, all work under Wine as well.