Survey for shortcuts to launch Firefox/IE

Don HO
  • Don HO

    Don HO - 2005-05-25

    I'll include the commands to launch Firefox / IE to test web files opened in notepad++ in the next release. I don't know which shortcut I should use. 
    If you will use those shortcuts, please let me know your preference (Of cause you can change the default shortcuts binding to the 2 commands afterward).


    • adam1213

      adam1213 - 2006-07-04

      I have a web server that I use, and because I have pages in PHP going through the server shows them up properly, I made a thing that opens http://localhost/file

      By looking for path\htdocs\ and anything after htdocs\* goes at http://localhost/\*
      It would be really good if notepad++ supported this kind of thing where you search for a certain word in the full path and can use what is after it.

      If anyone wants a copy of my add on let me know

      Also one of the things that should be added is language to shortcut support. For example I only want to use my add in through the key i assigned when editing html, htm, or php, however i would like to be able to use the exact same key when editing autoit script files to launch them.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Hi all,

        I have a PHP solution for adam1213:

        // File "npp_run.php" at the web root folder
        $path = str_replace('\\', '/', $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']);

        $path = str_replace(dirname($_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME']), '', $path);

        header('Location: ' . $path);

        Then run from NPP:

        Your file will open in the default browser.


    • newcoder

      newcoder - 2005-05-28

      Sorry, cant help you out on that one.  I think the functions will be a useful addition, but I dont know what shortcuts would be logical.  Thanks for all your hard work!


      • Don HO

        Don HO - 2005-05-30

        Finally I use :

        Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I to launch IE

        Ctrl+Alt+Shift+X to launch firefoX

        Of course you can change the shortcut.


        • Nobody/Anonymous

          how i can change shortcuts ? because i didn't found the dialog box to do this

          thx in advance

    • Anonymous - 2006-07-13

      Rico, the script is a very good idea but you should rather use str_ireplace in the second line, because the drive letter is sometimes upper- and sometimes lowercase.
      For example on my box NPP sent the path with uppercase drive letter but SCRIPT_FILENAME contained lowercase drive letter.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Thanks krzysiu!

        It was just a quick script to speed things up, I didn't tested on many machines.

        It worked for me, I stopped there...


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      > "how i can change shortcuts ?"

      I think you have to modify this into
      an *.xml file in your np++ folder.


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