Notepad Replacement - Notepad++ launcher

Don HO
  • Don HO

    Don HO - 2005-08-29

    A Notepad++ launcher to replace Notepad by Notepad++ is available in Download Section (as well the instructions) :


  • przemoc

    przemoc - 2009-11-08

    I think that this page can be updated with links to my Notepad++ launcher, derived from Stepho's one. I contacted him and he agreed to GPL license.

    This launcher has a few advantages over original one:

    - proper behavior,
    - built-in installer,
    - 64-bit support.



  • Ices Eyes

    Ices Eyes - 2009-11-09

    How does the installation works? It says "Installation finished. You can remove this file", but nothing happen on my system (Win7 x64 Pro) :)

  • przemoc

    przemoc - 2009-11-09

    @ices_eyes: Installation process is described in  file:

    After installation of 64-bit version (crucial if you have 64-bit OS) of launcher, Win+R, notepad, Enter sequence doesn't run Notepad++? There is an assumption that N++ is already installed. It works for me, but maybe I have already screwed SFC/WFP in my 64-bit XP. But wait… you said Win7? Damn, I was avoiding crappy Vista, but I should definitely take a look at 7. ASAILMHOI I'll try to investigate the problem and fix it. Until then Vista & 7 users are probably enforced to install the launcher manually. Sorry.


  • Ices Eyes

    Ices Eyes - 2009-11-09

    Well, ok…It was just to point it out :P
    In Vista and 7 there are no more servicepackfiles and dllcache folders. Other than that (don't remember if this is true for vista) notepad files in system32, %windir% and sysWOW64 folders are protected and not editable by a user, neither if admin (you have to become owner of those files before!) :)