Recommended melhod of replacing all original Notepad.exe functions

  • david-lynch

    david-lynch - 2013-01-02

    Hey everyone,

    I'm looking for the perfect method to use Notepad++ like the original Notepad.exe, as the installer/application settings still doesn't offer this (would this be a good feature suggestion?)

    There's this method for Notepad2 (, using "Image File Execution Options" registry key, but it doesn't work with Notepad++, giving an error. Seems that the command line of ++ misses the "/z" functionality of Notepad2.

    And extensions like BAT and VBS can't be simply added to registered extensions on Settings, as they actually run when double clicked.

    Surely trickier than it seems at a first glance...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Zapy

    Zapy - 2014-02-15

    Hey cchris!

    I do guess all those represented there works as they are intended to, but it requires the replacement of the notepad.exe file or a separate script to execute the notepad++.exe

    Replacing the notepad.exe isn't always possible on a computer (e.x. company computer connected to a domain control, and this is the issue i have a.t.m. and why i am writing here) thus the registry "hack" David mentioned would be a better function, however that could fail as well for some setups i guess.

    The Process Explorer by Mark Russinovich also utilizes this method for replacing the windows task manager.

    I have not tested the NotepadReplacer by Leonardo Puglia, but i still would like to see a native support for this from Notepad++

    Also association with files that actually RUN's on windows i.e. .bat is getting associated the "wrong" way in notepad++ when using the customize to add .bat, it removes the runas and edit command for the specific .bat extension and just adds .bat to the &Edit of notepad++ instead of editing the already existing .bat Shell extension to point to notepad++

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