Block Uncomment CSS Crash

  • cipher1024

    cipher1024 - 2012-11-15

    Running Notepad++ 6.2.1
    on a Windows 7 SP1 box, Location: US,
    AMD Athlon II X2 B24, 3.00Ghz Processor, 3GB RAM

    Plugin directories in profile and program files have been renamed for testing.

    If I open a CSS file and add a line, for example: '.test { margin: 2px; }' I can highlight the line and block comment it, but if I try to block uncomment it, NPP crashes:
    "An exception occured. Notepad++ cannot recover and must be shut down.
    The exception details are as follows:
    Code: 0xC0000005
    Type: Access violation
    Exception address: 0x00401961"

    Clicking 'OK' gives me the opportunity to save a dump file, and then attempts to save unsaved data and dies.

    Basically I think any block uncomment in a CSS file will do it. It happened in 6.2, but still happens in 6.2.1

    Anyone else have that problem?

  • fb16

    fb16 - 2012-11-16

    EDIT: I just realized I've tested with version 6.1.8 of NP++. But cipher1024 had tested with the more recent 6.2.1 version of NPP++. So, I guess this were there since a while.

    Hi all,
    I confirm what cipher1024 wrote:

    1) open NPP++
    2) File > New
    3) pasted in it ".test { margin: 2px; }" (without quotes)
    4) Language > C > CSS
    5) select the line and go to: Edit > Comment/Uncomment > Block Comment
    6) re-select the line and go to: Edit > Comment/Uncomment > Block Uncomment

    At this point, NPP++ crashes (with the same error reported in the previous post, by cipher1024).


    Last edit: fb16 2012-11-16

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