Feature Request : Extended Macro Language

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    I'm not the first which ask for this, but a "evoluted" language support for macros would be greatly welcome !!
    For example, Javascript, VBScript or similar would be great !!

    It would allow great macros functionnality (like in Visual Studio and others....)

    Thanks ;)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Show me you're not the first!

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Search the forum for "macro", maybe I'm only the second one, but second is still not equal to first !


        • Nobody/Anonymous

          Wow, that's a good thought. Why didn't you think of that first?

          When I say SHOW me, I mean: include a link to the earlier thread(s) which you had rather replied to than starting a new one.

          • DoGooder

            DoGooder - 2007-12-08

            Whatever your problem is, you might want to consider getting over it.

    • fidvo

      fidvo - 2007-11-30

      Maybe not what you're looking for, but if you're mostly interested in processing text and not so much controlling the program through macros, check out my newly released Simple Script plugin:


      It's primitive, but within its scope its much more powerful than a macro.

      If you're looking for something that gives you more control over the functionality of Notepad++, I'm afraid I can't help you there.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        It's almost what I'm looking for, but a bit not enought powerfull (hungry am I !!!)

        In facts, I've found that PsPad (another free editor) uses VBScript files as macro scripting utility, which is exactly what I need. I don't know exactly how he implemented it, and of course, it can only work on Windows OSes...

        But PSPAD is not as good as Notepad++, and so I'll prefer use notepad++ with vbscript support !

        Would It be easy to port VBScript to Notepad++, I wonder !!!

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      sorry for having posted into a new post... I will not do it again, I swear !!

      For the moment, here are some posts which deals about the same feature than what I'm dreaming of :

      (Wowwww!! the second one is exactly what I meant !)

      So, do you think of including a scripting module which could be more powerfull than just macros ?

      For example; in my job, we are 3 people who are able to modify some of our source.
      So, to mark our modifications, we just comment our code :
      in the heading of the file, we date-stamp, with our name , and the subject of the modification :
          ' 03 DEC 2007 John Deer
          '                 Disabling some code

      and then later in the code, we always bracket the modified code with the same date-name stamp :

          '+++ 03 DEC 2007 John Deer
          '--- 03 DEC 2007 John Deer

      With PSPad, I've made three macros: the first one tags the header with my name (which is retrieved from the active-directory database, via my logon-username thru VBSCRIPT)
      The second macro just add the date-name stamp before and after the selected lines
      The third do the same that the second, but also put in comment the selected lines.

      Of course, other applications are possible, such as code templates, etc...

      I Hope I've been clear enougth, since my english is not perfect !


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