a couple ideas i had ...

  • Sean Andrews

    Sean Andrews - 2004-02-26

    now i don't know if this is the place to mention this but...
    i really like this program thus far that i've played with, i just got a couple ideas that i wanted to throw out there and see if anyone likes what i say.
    the main idea i have stems from a sf project i happen to be working on myself, an open-source e-business app.  the problem with this is being that you are dealing with highly sensitive info in ebus and people would really get on your case if a hacker were to just download the source and find somekind of exploitable feature and go around to every site he could find that uses this software and well you know ...
    this was a big concern for me, and i thought of a solution, but i'm looking for someone to help me implement it.  you have a good framework already in place for a text editor, and i was wonderring if you'd like to expand your scope.

    so here's my idea: project files, a single file that launches np++ with an explorer style tree of all directories or files in the project.  you can double click on a file in the tree and it will open in a tab.  here's the trick though and i feel something that will make you stand out.  the tree is editable like explorer, you want to change a file's name or path you can do it right from the tree.  but np++ will go farther by parsing all files in the projects for linkages to the file that was changed and updates all these linkages (in html it would be based on LINK and HREF tags; C++ would base on #include directives, PHP same thing, etc.) ... any kind of file that links to another will update.

    making an entire project configurable to how you want it to go, will be easy now.  let's say you download a zip of some open-source forum software (ex. - phpBB), you can change around the script names, directory structures, include file names, image names, and so forth to whatever you want and np++ will fix all the linkages.

    also this tree thing could be a plugin ... making room for other plugin's to use this left panel, say like spell- checkers, dictionaries, thesauruses, documentation, function lists for your favorite programming language, etc.

    this is a good idea that has merit, but it would possibly be alot of work.  if it's too much, i would understand if you wouldn't want to add this functionality.  but it's a good idea none the less.  if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at thebrunger_aT_ yahoo _d0T_ com...

    • Don HO

      Don HO - 2004-03-08

      Hi Andrews,

      Your idea (about maintaining the link) is great - but it needs a huge effot (of implementation) to reach it. The aim of Notepad++ is to offer the developers a small and efficient tools, not an IDE (even a preprocessor of the compiler!). However, I'll do the exploer like browser, it's convenient to open files.

      About your idea of plugin, I'm intrested in it. But I don't have any experience to do the plugin (under the form of dll I suppose). I have to think about it.

      I encourage you to join to our mailing list, so your pertinent suggestion can be discussed by the people.


    • Arnaldo Guzman

      Arnaldo Guzman - 2004-03-11

      I actualy like this idea as well, though like donho said it'll require lots of effort. Nice idea, and i'm going to keep track of this app. :)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      i love the appz of the tree format

      alright don
      way to go.. keep it up