Away for a month

  • cchris

    cchris - 2013-09-26

    This short post just to inform that I'll be away for a month, without predictable access to Internet.

    As a result, I will not promote wiki users to editor, accept and otherwise manage IdeaTorrent posts, handle the few requests that Guy ald Ivan haven't responded to yet (thanks for the awesome work btw guys). MediaWiki updates and .CHMs will wait as well when a new version is released.

    I'll start catching up soon after I'm back in town in early November.

    Happy N++ing!

  • Predelnik

    Predelnik - 2013-09-27

    Thank you very much for all the stuff you're doing and good luck!)

  • Loreia2

    Loreia2 - 2013-09-27

    So, its that time of the year already, the time when Chris goes into the cave to meditate for a month :-P

    Enjoy your /logout time, I know I would.


  • cchris

    cchris - 2013-11-10

    I'm back. Meditation is a good thing, specially under sunny skies :-)

    Answers in forum are starting to stream, the catching up process may last as long as this extended weekend here - 11/11 is a holiday in France.


  • Loreia2

    Loreia2 - 2013-11-10

    I'm back.

    I knew it as soon as I saw my mail-box explode... :-)