I Would Love FTP Support

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I code using ColdFusion, HTML, and CSS.  Most of my work is done directly via FTP editing files on the server.  I would use Notepad++ exclusively if you guys offered direct opening, editing, and saving of files via FTP.  That would be better than diving into a bowl full of boobies.

    Big request, I know.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      you can user filezilla. Set it to view and edit file with notepad++

      it will upload the file once it changes

    • -

      - - 2006-04-13

      Ugh, no, Notepad++ was designed to be a text editor. A great one. Not a swiss army knife. This would turn an excellent editor into bloatware.

      There have already been threads on this.

      Try Filezilla as your FTP client

      and in the Run menu of Notepad++, use the following command
      "C:\Program Files\FileZilla\FileZilla.exe" -u "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)" ftp://USERNAMESWORD@ftp.SERVER.com -t "$(FILE_NAME)"
      (taken from http://filezilla.sourceforge.net/cmdline.htm\)

      works for me, although you'll need to save the document first :)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I 2nd that. I entered the forums precisely to say the same thing. Kudus for a great editor!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I have tried the filezilla with notepad.  I has never updated anything on the server and sometimes the notepadd++ complains the file no longer exists.

    • rimugu

      rimugu - 2006-04-06

      Ah, anonymous post, sorry. I didn't write the original post, but I am the one that had used filezilla and notepad unsucessfully

    • rimugu

      rimugu - 2006-04-06

      The part of using filezilla and notepad that I don't like is that I have to close notepad and having multiple files open is a plus for notepad plus (jaja).

      I will try netdrive