GVC - 2014-01-11


I must admit, it's the first time I'm using the function list which is "by default" part of NPP. In the past, I was always using the function list of Jens Lorenz.
The current version of the function list (part of NPP 6.5.3) is already really good looking. Still, some improvements would be very welcome (I'm mainly referring to cpp files here):
1. Synchronisation between scrolling through the code and the highlight of the function in the function list.
2. Clicking (not double-clicking) on a function on the function list should do the same as double-clicking now.
3. Whenever the content of the source file changes (adding/deleting functions), the function list should be updated automatically
4. I'm missing the constructors/destructors in the function list. Strange...
5. Adding the function parameters would be a good idea, especially since you can have multiple functions with the same name, but different parameter list.

Any chance the above will be part of a future version of the function list?

Best rgds,