Expand "Find in Files" to search files in current project?

  • Andrew Spencer

    Andrew Spencer - 2014-03-12

    An improvement suggestion that I would find useful...

    Currently, searching for text in files ("Find in Files") is controlled by Filters, Directory and some checkbox selections. It would be useful to permit overriding of these to search only in the files that are included in the currently selected workspace project.


    THEVENOT Guy - 2014-03-13

    Hello Andrew and All,

    I agree to your interesting idea but, as I'm not a N++ programmer, I can't presume of the difficulty to add this improvement !

    Thinking about that, it'll be necessary to get back the full path of the current project, located at the end of the config.xml file and then, merge the relative path of every file, contained in the corresponding ProjectName.xml OR use the full path for all the files which are located in other places than the full path of the current workspace !

    Moreover, if you would prefer to search in a specific folder of one project of the current workspace, it could be more difficult to achieve it ! Indeed, it's important to point out that names of all folders, in a workspace, are virtual and are NOT attached, in any way, to real directories of your hard disk ! By the way, one project folder can gather several files, located in different real places, on your computer !

    Anyway, may be, some N++ coder will be interested to solve this challenge :-)

    @ Don,

    As you know, in the Find in Files dialog ( CTRL + SHIFT + F ), it's possible to type in several types of filters in the Filters zone, like, for example :
    r*.txt d*.txt *.ini. But, unfortunately, in the Directory zone, only ONE full path is allowed !

    So, would it be possible to extend the search to several directories, at the same time ? The separator, between two full paths could be the comma, like in Windows, or we can surround them by two double-quotes ?



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  • Davey

    Davey - 2014-03-14

    Hi Guys
    I am also in on this idea
    However, I have needed something different, seemingly most simple
    I have wanted to search All open files in npp - But this is not a current option.
    I think this is essential and would be very useful
    (Sometimes we have files from different directories open, and you would like to find a specific custom function or something like that)



    THEVENOT Guy - 2014-03-14

    Hi Davey,

    Your idea is quite sensible and this nice feature should be easy enough to achieve !

    I haven't think about that obvious feature, till now :-(

    Best regards,


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    AZJIO - 2014-03-15

    The project also contains a list of files.
    You can search in the list of tabs.
    The difference is that instead of the tab list specify the list of project files.
    In theory, add a button "search in Project" (or checkbox)

    You can even add in the project "open all project files". And then to search in all tabs


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