I'm a professional programmer and I've been forced to move off my linux box and onto Windows, and need to find an editor that is as good as nedit:)  I've looked at npp, syn, context, editpadlite, cute, jedit, crimson, and notepad++, and others.  Right now it is between crimson and notepad++, but I'm leaning toward crimson as it supports ctags.  Both lack features found in nedit. In notepad++, two major features are missing, and for me at least, notepad++ would be pretty near perfect if it could just do these two things.

1) Support for CTAGS. - This is an open source utility and I'm surprised it is not available in notepad++.  In should be an easy addition (also see OpenCtags)

2) I like that both single and multiple document interfaces are supported in notepad++.  But the single doc interface is not well supported.  When using multiple instances of notepad++ editor windows (single doc interface), You can not make string replacements in all editor instances(windows), and it would be good if you could see/access the 'other' instances from a 'windows' menubar item.

Thanks for reading!
dave dot apman at mscsoftware dot com