Encoding bug?

  • Nenad Batocanin

    Nenad Batocanin - 2014-04-26


    I'm new user. I use NPP for editing plain ASCII file (Harbour .PRG files). Some of them has the following lines:

    "-" (ASCII 196 quoted).

    Sometimes NPP this change into this:


    I tried to change default encoding but without success. What should I do?

    Thanks, NB

  • Dave Brotherstone

    What encoding is it really in? "ASCII" is actually just 0-127, above that you need to know which flavour - the "normal" defaults for US/English windows are Windows-1252 or ISO-8859-1, where code 196 is uppercase A with umlaut. There's no way to detect single-byte encodings, so you'll have to explicitly tell it which encoding you want to use. If you reply with the encoding, then we might be able to sort something out so that you can switch to that encoding.


  • Nenad Batocanin

    Nenad Batocanin - 2014-04-27

    I use "Extended US/ASCII" - above 127 are "graphic" characters. But I do not care how NPP shows this characters. The only thing important to me that NPP do not change this strings! Now I change something in the file, and when I save file, the file becomes corrupt! I guess those two bytes is treated as a one Unicode char.

    Regards, NB