oneirotekt - 2005-12-30

Notepad++ 3.4 is excellent!  I'm using it as my primary editor now.

A few small issues:

1. Would it be possible to have view settings like Wrap, Line Number Margin etc be remembered on a per-tab basis?  If I have both a text document and some code open in different tabs, I have to switch Wrap on and off when I switch between them.  UltraEdit handles this well, by simply enabling or disabling the setting(s) accordingly when switching tabs.

2. Currently, Wrap causes text to wrap at the edge of the window, which can be an arbitrary width of text.  It would be very nice to be able to specify a column # for wrap, with the default of "0" for the existing (wrap at window edge) behavior.

3. I use a dark (white text on black windows and background) color scheme, and the one element of NP++'s UI that doesn't look right are the titles of the active tab, whose default, unchangeable font color is black.  Is there some way this could be open to user customization?

4. I'd like to use "Bitstream Vera Sans Mono" as my default style font (in the global style config), but the "font name" menu only shows "Bitstream Vera Sans Mono BOLD".  The font is definitely installed on my system.  What's strange is, the regular Mono variant shows up on my home machine.  The only real difference is that my home machine runs Windows 2000, instead of XP.  Any idea what's causing this?