Two instancs of np++ for two projects

  • A S

    A S - 2012-11-20

    i do not know if this is possible, but i hope so, since it would really be a treasure function!
    I am working on 2 projects at the same time, each one with many files and therefore many open tabs in my np++ instance. That is very confusing because there are many tabs opened and often i confuse one tab for a tab of the other project.
    Therefore i would like to have 2 instances of np++, each with its own set of tabs, that also get saved/reloaded after quitting and restarting that instance(for reboot or something), e.g. by starting the two instances from different desktop shortcuts.
    Is that somehow possible?

    • light2some

      light2some - 2012-11-21

      I hasten to remind about the plugin solves your problem completely!
      Many thanks to respected Mike-Foster!

  • François-R Boyer

    It is possible to run multiple instances with -multiInst command line option. But as far as I know, it is not possible to select another automatic session.xml file as option to N++. I currently think of 4 solutions:
    1- Have two versions of N++, with doLocalConf.xml (to conserve disk space, they can be only once on the disk, using symbolic or hard links).
    2- Have a script to copy session.xml before N++ starts and after it closes; both instances should not be started/stopped exactly at the same time.
    3- Have a plugin to automatically save session on another name before quitting N++.
    4- Do a simple modification to N++ to have another name for the session (modifying Parameters.cpp and recompiling, or modifying the UTF16 string "session.xml" in the executable with a hex editor).

    Unless somebody else can point to another solution, or a plugin doing it, I would do it using method 4 with a hex editor.

  • A S

    A S - 2012-11-21

    Method 4 means to have n++ installed twice? First using usual session.xml and second with e.g. session2.xml?

  • François-R Boyer

    Only the notepad++.exe file need to be copied (about 1.5MB) and placed in the same directory as the standard installation, so all plugins can be accessed by both versions.

  • François-R Boyer

    Thanks to light2some for pointing to the plugin which almost solves the problem. I do not think it is possible to select the session from command line, so you either need to first open Notepad++ and then select the session, or make a script to change SessionMgr's settigs.ini file before starting Notepad++. Also, it does not currently save the session when you exit Notepad++, thus the latest tab changes (tab order and currently selected tab) or bookmarks are not automatically saved.