Save cursor position when reloading from disk

  • tomstrummer

    tomstrummer - 2005-12-09

    I use nppp for viewing log files a lot.  So it's great that I can reload the file when it detects a change on disk. 

    The only problem is, when nppp reloads the file, it is scrolled back to the top of the file, so I lose my position.  Would it be possible  to make nppp automatically scroll back down to the previous location after reloading the file from disk?  This would be a great new feature.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I really need this feature. It would be very cool if this can be added in the next release.

    • tomstrummer

      tomstrummer - 2005-12-12

      Does anyone else think this sounds like a good idea? 

      • peterox

        peterox - 2006-02-17

        Absolutely. Without it I don't find Notepad++ usable. So a big vote from here.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      yep, that would be *very* useful.

      that's one of the reasons I decided to drop Notepad2, which is another fine Scintilla based Notepad-replacement (although having only a few of the features Notepad++ has)

      • Don HO

        Don HO - 2005-12-15

        I'll consider it.


        • Nobody/Anonymous

          That's good to hear. Thanks in advance.

    • Chris Severance

      Chris Severance - 2006-02-17

      N++ should tail and restore position when files are reloaded.

      While it would be nice if N++ could restore the exact original position, it would be almost as good and much easier just to restore the original position and let the user jump a few screens.

    • jmg_

      jmg_ - 2006-02-27

      The last comment has me lost, but it
      certainly should TRY and go to the same location,
      I think on a Line#,Column# basis.

      If the new file is much shorter, then it must
      stop at file-end, or if the line is much
      shorter, it should stop on line end.

      Line#,Column# is more natural than CharCount