I love Notepad++

  • Manish Kochar

    Manish Kochar - 2007-04-28

    My apps work on linux servers.
    But I love to code on my windows desktop.
    I was searching for some open-source code-flow charting tool.
    I saw Notepad++ accidentally at source-forge.
    I really wasn't expecting it to be better than Textpad or Editpad.
    Yeah, I have used them all, with all the plug-ins they have.
    I know practically every feature & function that's available on all such editors.
    So I downloaded Notepad++, out of curiosity.
    But I was wrong.
    Notepad++ is BETTER than anything I have ever used before.
    Only one word - FANTASTIC.
    It's "light years" ahead of anything else.
    I hope the search engine mandarins can pick this, line and the whole world knows more about Notepad++

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I do agree with you.
      notepad++ is so far the best one I ever used, better and faster than most text editors I tried.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I am a mech engineer who does occasional Fortran and c coding.
      I find that Notepad ++ is an extremely well designed and conceptualized piece of software.
      The the attention given to minute details of the user interface should give the engineers at  Apple an inferiority complex. 

    • Donal Morrissey

      Donal Morrissey - 2007-05-02

      I agree.
      Its such a great tool, keep up the good work!!

      • Mieszko Lassota

        Mieszko Lassota - 2007-05-02

        yup, the best editor ever :) i use it all the time :)

    • negated

      negated - 2007-05-02

      I also have to agree; though I am certainly not an experienced coder, etc. Notepad++ is what I use on Windows when I need to code something (but I am not near my Ubuntu laptop!). Keep up the great work!


    • Tom

      Tom - 2007-05-02

      I wouldn't go quite as far as some of the others, but NP++ has become my editor of choice.  The new find-in-files dialog in v4.1 means that I can leave TextPad behind forever.

      I am very impressed that the author continues with regular, significant improvements.

      If only it ran native on Linux!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I love this app. I use it all the time. Kudos to the devs.


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