Feature Request: Ruler

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Notepad ++ Rocks!

    I would really like a ruler added to the top (character ruler).

    Keep up the good work...

    • Greg Bullock

      Greg Bullock - 2007-05-09

      TextFX: TextFX Tools: Insert Ruler.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      TextFX really inserts the Ruler, into the text itself.

      I don't think this answers the request. I think it may be clear that a ruler on top of the edit window is wanted, not editable, to stay there forever, regardless of the position in the current file.

      • MJG

        MJG - 2007-05-09

        While you are right that the post doesn't really answer the specific request in the way the original poster asked, it does answer the question for those of us who like Notepad++ as a source code editor.

        Notepad++ is basically a very good source code editor.  If I need to do a lot of text formatting where a fixed ruler is desired, there are better tools with that purpose in mind.  And they tend to have inches or cm, whereas this is a true _character_ line pair that works well with the default fixed font.  --Joel

        • WaffleSouffle

          WaffleSouffle - 2007-07-13

          A thin line at the margin column point for all languages would be helpful.
          For example when writing source code for companies with a
          coding standard specifying line width. It seems cleaner than inserting
          text into the top/bottom/... of the file

          Something like the column marker in Eclipse would be useful
          Window\Preferences...\General\Editors\Text Editors
          Check "Show print margin"
          Set a number in "Print margin column"

          • MJG

            MJG - 2007-07-15

            Doesn't the "Vertical Edge Setting" stuff on the "Edit Components" tab of the Preferences dialog do this?  Or am I misunderstanding your request?  --Joel

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I understand what you mean. I wasn't thinking about inches or cm either. It would be nice, though, to have this fixed-character ruler fixed on top (or bottom) of the edit window. Perhaps even some kind of draggable overlay (like a splitter bar), could be implemented.

      • Greg Bullock

        Greg Bullock - 2007-05-15

        A fixed-character ruler could get pretty clumsy when displaying a file with proportionally spaced fonts or when using syntax highlighting which may display text with mixed fonts.  Such a ruler might generate a lot of posts from confused users observing that the current-position marker in the ruler doesn't necessarily align with the insertion cursor in the file, or reporting that they see that the ruler works well for some lines in their file, but not for other lines.


        • pshute

          pshute - 2007-07-17

          So hide the ruler if the font is proportional.  People using a proportional font who also need a ruler should be using a word processor.

        • Nobody/Anonymous

          Yes, you are right... I myself hate active spell checking very much. I think it should be abandoned from all computer programs.

    • Franco

      Franco - 2007-05-15

      I support the creation of a ruler that is fixed at the tp of the window.