NOTEPAD++ can export to Rich Text Format?

  • CDR

    CDR - 2009-04-30

    NOTEPAD++ can export to Rich Text Format  *.rtf

    Purpose, to create tutorials (*.doc r *.rtf) with the code of a program highlighted

    The following software is a calculator program editor that have this option
    view/editor ... file/save as ...*.rtf

    • CDR

      CDR - 2009-05-05

      I also want to export the symbols tab (->), space (.)
      and adhere in file/save as ...(*.rtf )



      /* Board Code */
      ->->->object {
      ->->->->->prism {
      ->->->->->->->->0,                              /* Altura por encima (0mm) del plano X_Z */
      ->->->->->->->->2,                              /* Altura por debajo (2mm) del plano X_Z,  */
                  5,                               /* Número de puntos del board */
                  < X1, Z1 >,                  /* 1er coordenada del plano X_Z, inicia el poligono */
                  < X1+X2, Z1 >,             /* 2da coordenada del plano X_Z */
                  < X2, Z2>,                   /* 3ra coordenada del plano X_Z */
                  < X1, Z1+Z2 >,             /* 4ta coordenada del plano X_Z */   
                  < X1, Z1 >                    /* 5ta coordenada del planoo */
                  pigment {                      /* Color del board */

    • gary coast

      gary coast - 2009-04-30

      a grammatically bad question joined with a funny example, but nonetheless a fair question

      answer: no

      see my post on another thread:

      • Don HO

        Don HO - 2009-05-01

        > a grammatically bad question joined with a funny example,
        > but nonetheless a fair question 

        > answer: no 

        > see my post on another thread: 

        The question is not formed correctly, but the example is valid.
        Try to read again the title :
        NOTEPAD++ can *export* to Rich Text Format?

        answer : yes

        Menu Plugins->NppExport->Export to RTF


        • gary coast

          gary coast - 2009-05-04

          Thanks Don for straightening me out.  I actually did the search and the threads I pulled up said that n++ does NOT export rtf.  But it now does.  Excellent!

          I understood the original question which is now seems odd unless the asker is using an older version of n++ where the export to rtf  plugin is not available.

          Once in a while I'll pick on someone's grammar but I suppose that is unfair since English is the standard and the only thing I know.  

          The example (of that program that exports to rtf) was funny because an example wasn't needed.

          Summary: I screwed this one up.

          Another thing learned is that sometimes telling people to do a search on their topic, in place of a short quick answer when the answer is known, may be unwise because the akser's search may not yield the best info.


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